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Our Wine Program

As much as France is considered by most to be the cradle of wine making the truth is that the Romans taught the Gauls and the Greeks taught the Romans! Much of modern wine culture derives from the practices of the ancient Greeks.  Many of the grapes grown in modern Greece are grown there exclusively and are similar or identical to the varieties grown in ancient times. Indeed, the most popular modern Greek wine, a strongly aromatic white called Retsina is thought to be a carryover from the ancient practice of lining the wine jugs with tree resin, imparting a distinct flavor to the wine.  

Perhaps it’s because we are a product of the mass marketing generation that we instinctively ask for a Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio to go with that delicious grilled white fish…who ever heard of varietals called Assyrtiko or Moschofilero, much less a fish called Lavraki, the ancient name for a fish that holds mythical status to the Greeks and that is commonly know to the west as Bronzino.  And when that succulent Paidakia(lamb chops) comes out most will casually order a Pinot Noir or Claret missing out on the gastronomic pleasure of a glass of a Nemea Agiorgitiko, pronounced ah-your-ee-tee-co and translating to “the Saint George” grape.  

If you are a food and wine hedonist then Kellari Taverna’s vast wine list, with the most extensive selection of Greek wines of any restaurant in the country, will open new culinary experiences for you.  And our expert wine captains and managers will act as your guides to the perfect wine and food pairing.