Argatia, Xinomavro - 58              

Argatia Winery                     

Rodochori-Naoussa, Macedonia, Greece                

The vineyards are located in the hills of Lakka near Naoussa at an altitude of 270 meters (890 ft.).                      


Tasting Notes:

Cherries and berries on the nose, violet, light earthy notes, dry tomato, the classic sweet but not simple fruit of Xinomavro. Persistent, polished fruit on the palate, earthy and slightly spicy notes, moderate mineral notes, delicately bitter medicinal herbs in the background, fine-grained tannins, and a good acidity balanced by the juicy red fruit. This wine is considered the finest variety in Northern Greece.                    



100% Xinomavro [ksee-NO-ma-vro]                               

(50% American, 50% French)                   

Karamolegos, Santorini - 50             

The cultivation is done in 3 different vineyard sites in Santorini, where the soil composition is volcanic. Kamares, Exo Gonia, and Pirgos at an elevation of 500m (1650 ft.). The 60+-year-old vines have been grafted in rootstock that is over 200 years old and has not been affected by phylloxera!



100% Assyrtiko [a-SEER-tee-ko]                                       


Tasting Notes:

Complex aromas of lemon, citrus and exotic fruits. Rich and well balanced in mouth with crisp, refreshing acidity and long aromatic finish.               

Mitravelas, Estate - 54           

Nemea, Peloponnese, Greece                      

Five specific winery-owned vineyards in Nemea at an altitude of 400-500 meters (1300-1650 ft.). Maturated for 12 months in French Oak and 12 months in the bottle      



100% Agiorgitiko [ah-yor-YEE-tee-ko]                  


Tasting Notes:                     

Ripe dark fruit forward, offering great balance. Tannins are soft and well integrated. The dark fruit is accompanied with flavors of chocolate and spice.              


Alpha Estate - 45                

Alpha Malagouzia Single Vineyard Turtles                                               

Protected Geographical Indication Florina            

Amyndeon plateau. Amyndeon viticulture zone. North-western Macedonia. "Turtles" sub-region. 670m altitudes, with northwestern exposure, facing mount Voras. 69ha of Linear, privately owned vineyard situated at an altitude of 620-710m.         

Destemming, no crushing, cold soak - skin contact under controlled conditions, alcoholic fermentation at gradual increasing temperatures, maintenance of wine "sur lies" for two months with regular stirring.  



Malagouzia 100%.               


Tasting Notes:                     

Brilliant, light yellow in color with greenish tints. Strong and lively nose, typical Malagouzia, suggesting rose petal with floral aromas and sweet spices, melon, litchi with a note of honeysuckle. Round and mellow on the palate, fat but balanced, high in alcohol with plenty of finesse. Well structured, on the nose aromas with a hint of rosemary. A richly textured wine with superb length and balance. A classy wine with long finish and persistent aromas.                    



Avaton Gerovassiliou - 84               

Protected Geographical Indication Epanomi                    

A luscious blend of three Greek indigenous red varietals: Limnio, Mavroudi and Mavrotragano. Limnio, mentioned by comic dramatist Aristophanes as "Limnia ampelos" in the 5th century BC (vine from the Greek island Limnos), is the oldest attested Greek grape variety.                  

Entirely fermented in oak tanks, where malolactic fermentation ensues, the wine is aged in French oak barrels.             


Tasting Notes:                     

Dark ruby colour, with an excellent and complex structure. Its blackberry fruit offers spice and depth, a dry finish, and is totally unique.                 

Savatiano Papagiannakos, Old Vines - 38                   

Dry white wine, p.g.i. Markopoulos

Fermented in stainless-steel tanks, under controlled temperature 16-18 Celsius.



Savatiano 100%                   


Tasting Notes:

Bright gold and clear in color, delicate bouquet, aroma of citrus. Medium acidity, long and pleasant aftertaste. A fine accompaniment to Mediterranean dishes, seafood, fish, white meat.            


Ktima Voyatzi Rose  - 35

Dry Rose 

Velvento, Greece            



Xinomavro, Moschomavro

Tasting Notes: 

This wine is dark rose in color with purple hues and intense fruit aroma. A pleasant, mellow wine with a rich, aromatic and profuse taste.


Domaine Spiropoulos Ode Panos Brut NV - 52             

What was once a non-vintage white sparkling wine, made solely from the Moschofilero grape, has now qualified for PDO Mantinia and will now be a vintage product. The sparkling wine is produced according to the Charmat Method, with the second fermentation lasting approximately 60 days. The final product is a pale yellow color with lasting bubbles. It has concentrated aromatic flavors of apples and bananas on the nose and palate. The wine has a clean and crisp medium finish.              


Mantinia - Tselepos Classic  - 40            

Dry white wine                     

Protected Designation of Origin Mantinia             



100% Moschofilero             

Selected vineyards from the communes of Rizes, Lithovounia and Agiorgitika (Arcadia, Greece). The continental climatic conditions, and the altitude of the area, lead to the gradual maturing of the grapes, the full development of the aroma potential of the variety, and the retaining of natural acidity of the moschofilero grape variety.                       


Wine and Winemaking                    

Modern technological vinification with the use of prefermentation extraction at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius for 8 hours. Fermentation is carried out at a low temperature of 12 degrees C.                     


Tasting Notes:         

A Greek wine with exceptional freshness and lively acidity. Citrus fruits and lemon flowers on the nose, with a crisp, clean finish.